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We Prepare You to Interpret the Social Work Licensing Exam the Way That the Test Makers Want You to Experience It!

Social Work Exam Prep is necessary for some who struggles with test-taking anxiety. Passing your licensure exam is not evidence of what type of social worker you will be, it is evidence of what type of test taker that you are. Social Work Exam Prep is here to provide you this information with our online prep course. We prepare you to take the social work exam the way that the test makers want you to take it.

We understand you might be feeling anxious, or anxiety-driven, and overwhelmed with the need to pass your social work exam. In some parts of the country like the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia you virtually cannot secure employment without your master’s social work (MSW) degree and your social work license. After years in school and thousands of dollars spent to earn your master’s degree, you have to take and pass this additional test in order to earn a living. It is our mission to alleviate your fears about passing the exam. You have an incredible amount of book knowledge, but you do not have a clue how the test makers want you to answer the questions. We help you take what you have learned and make it applicable to the exam so that you can be successful in passing! We are confident with all the different components of our Social Work Exam Prep Course, you will have a successful outcome.

I have taken a few exam prep classes in the past but none that went into as much detail as this class. Ms. Wendy provided us with real life situations and stories that helped me better understand the material. She was open to all questions and made the class more of a discussion rather than a lecture. This exam class was very helpful. I will be taking my exam in June of this year and have no doubt in my mind that I will pass! Thank you Ms. Wendy!!

Miriam Abass

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